Robotic Redux
April 20th, 2019, 6:34 pm
I'm kinda emotional about this, and I tried to write this three times, so I'm sorry if I sound off or something.

I'm going on an extremely long hiatus. DURING this long hiatus, I hope to get many chapters done, and maybe even finish the comic, so when I come back I can release 6 pages a day.

With the way Smackjeeves works, I learned that a consistent, daily schedule is most rewarded and garners the most of an audience.

For such an important story to me, with such important characters to me, I desperately desire the largest audience within my capabilities.

So with this comic, and any of my future comics, I will finish, or at least draw out most of the story, before posting it or even announcing it.

I'm sorry if the long wait for this is disappointing, and I'll admit, it actually really hurts to think of not showing my pages the moment I finish.

But hopefully, if you're still interested by then, the consistent and abundant schedule that will follow this hiatus will be worth the wait!

IN THE MEANTIME, I'll try to post as much art and content as I can on Twitter, Youtube, Discord, and Deviantart, to hopefully keep the current people's interest in what I can do

I'm so sorry, and I hope all of these hiatuses and difficulties I have don't hinder your enjoyment in my story. If it's any consolation, with any future stories, I will try to avoid this happening in the future!